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Are you equipped with the knowledge of how to keep you, your employees, your customers, or your family safe? Here are some important residential and commercial electricity safety tips to follow.

5 Electricity Safety Tips for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Beware the Frequent Blowout

If your fuse keeps blowing out or your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it probably indicates a more serious problem with your electrical system. This problem may escalate in the future, so call an electrician and have it looked at immediately.

Beware of Bad Outlets

If an outlet is not attached right or feels wobbly, stop using it. The same goes for if you see an electrical spark every time you plug something into the outlet. In addition, never try to force a plug into an outlet; it can be dangerous. Instead, call an electrician and have them either repair or replace the outlet.

Beware of Bad Wires

If wires are starting to fray, have them replaced. Frayed wires can cause an electrical shock. Keep your kids away from them. It is not just the wires themselves but where they are placed. Wires and cables should not be placed under a carpet. You should not put heavy furniture on top of them either. This can cause a fire.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Outlets can only supply a certain amount of electricity. Don’t use too many devices in one outlet. If necessary, get a power strip.

Outdoor Cords for Outdoor Use

If you have an outdoor sound system or anything else outside that requires cables, make sure that you use a cord that is designed for the outdoors. A regular cord will not be designed for the elements, such as rain, heat, ice, or dirt. Make sure that when you are using extension cords, they are not in a position where people can trip on them.

If you are having any problems with your electrical system, contact us for help immediately.