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Having great outdoor lighting will improve the appearance of your company, attract more customers, clients or tenants, and give people a better impression of you. Here are a few tips for maintaining the outdoor lighting of your commercial building.

6 Exterior Lighting Maintenance Tips For Your Building

Keep It Clean

First of all, make sure to keep your lights and light fixtures clean. Debris, dirt, and dead bugs will all dim the brightness of your lights. Clean the light fixtures, but make sure to wipe off the lights as well.

Get New Lights

If a light burns out, make sure to replace it. However, even if the light isn’t burned out yet but is dim, you should replace it to improve the general appearance of your building. If you have been using incandescent lights, switch over to CFL or LED lights for more brightness and to save energy.

Beware of Trees and Plants

Plants, bushes, branches, and trees can all grow and interfere with your lighting system. Trim your tree branches and plants as necessary so that they do not block the light. If you have light fixtures hanging on trees, keep in mind that as they grow, the positions of the light fixtures should be changed accordingly in order to maintain the original brightness level on your property.

Beware of Leaves

If leaves pile up on or in your light fixture, they can trap heat. This can lead to a fire. Make sure to remove leaves as they pile up.

Keep Cables Covered

Make sure that no cables leading to the fixtures are exposed. If they are, make sure to have them covered. Exposed cables can lead to electric shocks.

Call an Electrician

Finally, make sure to call a professional electrician to perform regular preventative maintenance checks on your exterior lighting. Contact us today for more information.