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Replacing single voltage light switches and older dimmer switches makes sense for many reasons. Newer dimmer switches can lower your electricity costs, improve convenience in your life, decrease fossil fuel use and even help you sleep better.

Lower Voltages Indoors to Reduce Electricity Bills

Lower your power bill and make your lighting more sustainable.

Basically, your light consumes less energy by the same percentage as you reduce room light by. Half as bright, half the cost while the lighting is down. And lower light levels mean less heat output. With the number of hot days we get in the Metro Dallas area, that’s a consideration. And of course less energy use by your lights and air conditioner is better for the planet. The good news is, there are many good uses for controlled lighting.

You can enjoy a candlelight dinner without eating in near darkness. How much room lighting do you need while you watch TV or play video games? Dim the light to check on a sleeping youngster without a wakeup jolt. Once you make the switch (pun intended) you’ll discover other reasons for adjustable lighting. And smart options are available so you can use your device to control room lighting at home or remotely for added utility and convenience.

Reduce lighting before bedtime to improve your sleep.

Dr. Luis Buenaver, sleep expert at Johns Hopkins, reduces lighting in the hours just before bedtime to improve his body’s production of Melatonin because strong lighting in the evening “fools” the body’s control mechanism for natural Melatonin output. Reducing lighting may improve your sleep as well.

I already have dimmers, why do I need new ones?

Many older dimmer switches do not work with some types of LED lights. And not all LED lights are labeled to let you know if they work in old dimmer switches. Some LED lights work, but only dim to half or a third of full lighting, then switch off. And some older switches reduce lighting without reducing power consumption, producing heat as a by-product.

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