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Preventive electrical maintenance is important for safety and it saves energy and cost in the home and in commercial or residential buildings. Keeping your power supply operating efficiently is necessary to prevent overloads and blackouts. An electrical system that does not work well is a drain on energy consumption. In addition, wiring must be in good condition to prevent electrical fires.

Preventative Maintenance is Necessary for Safety and Energy Savings

Continued maintenance

You may take your electrical supply system for granted. You know where the electrical panel and circuit breaker are located in your home but you rarely check it unless the power goes out.

  • The circuit breaker switches and connections should be checked on a regular basis, especially in older homes.
  • The panel should be cleaned to prevent dust and dirt from interfering with the circuitry.
  • All connection points should be checked for stray voltage, loose connections, and corrosion. This includes electrical wall sockets.
  • All electrical connections must be grounded properly.
  • Older wall sockets may need to be changed and rewired to accommodate three-prong plugs for newer appliances.

Never try to change or replace items in your electrical panel or rewire outlets yourself! That is a job for a professional electrician who will instruct you on maintenance.

The addition of new electronics may overload an older system. Upgraded wiring for 200 amps or more may be required in older homes to accommodate new alarm systems, new entertainment systems, and modern appliances. New Smart Homes packages require some rewiring to allow the components such as electronic door locks, appliances, and security systems to be connected to a remote control such as smartphone or tablet. The wiring also needs to be checked before installation and maintained after the system is up and working.

The wiring system in your air conditioner and heater should also be checked periodically and cleaned. The motor is controlled by electricity and a corroded terminal can lead to increased energy use. It can also lead to an electrical fire.

Builders Electric Corporation in Arlington works with homes and residential buildings in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex to keep electrical wiring compliant with the latest code requirements. Contact us for information on maintaining your electrical system to keep you safe and save energy.