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There are many reasons homeowners might choose to contact an electrical service contractor to visit their home. Repairing electrical outlets or upgrading the switches in your home, installing LED lighting for your outdoor garden, or troubleshooting issues with electrical wiring, are some of the reasons you’ll choose to contact residential electricians to visit your home. These are some of the services Builders Electric Corporation can perform when contacted by homeowners in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. When performing upgrade work, repairs, or general maintenance, it is important that homeowners not only hire a company which specializes in residential work but also choose a company which has a great reputation and guarantees services.

Residential Electric Services: Hiring Licensed Electricians for Services

Services Offered

Builders Electric Corporation offers a wide range of residential electrical services. These include:

  • Troubleshooting electrical wiring issues, connection sockets, or whole-home inspection of wiring, to determine the problem and perform necessary repairs.
  • Upgrading outlets and electrical switches to newer, efficient models.
  • Installation of new fixtures, rails, light switches, or dimmers.

Additionally, the team of licensed electricians performs outdoor landscape lighting installation, installation of motion sensor/detection lighting, and other upgrades throughout your home.

Guaranteed Services

Homeowners can expect the very best services when they choose to hire Builders Electric Corporation. Since 1978 the team has hired the most highly trained electricians, performing whole-home lighting installation, repair, and maintenance work for customers. When customers choose the company they can expect the industry’s most competent electricians, timely services, and affordable pricing, all performed with full-service guarantees.

Why Choose Builders Electric Corporation

In addition to being a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, residential customers in Dallas and Fort Worth can be rest assured all services are performed by the industry’s leading experts. A solid reputation, professionalism, respect for customers, attention to detail, and complete customer satisfaction guarantees, are among the many promises which the company provides to its customers.

If you are ready to get a quote for installation or other electrical services in your home, or ready to hire residential electricians for services, feel free to contact us today!