Commercial Electrician


Since our start in 1978, Builders Electric Corp has been serving our clients with the attention to detail, professional demeanor, and timely job completions every project deserves.  We are experts in all areas of commercial electrical systems, including malls, schools, businesses, medical facilities, restaurants, and office buildings.

As experienced commercial electricians, we understand our client needs.  We offer our customers flexibility and assure them that their projects completion will be on time so that business can begin on schedule.  We always place your considerations first when doing a job.  If repairs, upgrades or remodels are needed, our commercial electricians will complete projects in a timely fashion so tenants can return to their routines avoiding excessive downtime. From a million dollar business project to a small office, we can be relied upon for outstanding workmanship.

We offer 24-hour emergency repair to our commercial clients. Builders Electric’s commercial electricians deliver quality work quickly, for any repairs.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

A lot of components in a commercial building require maintenance and service work and should be serviced on a frequent basis which takes an experienced commercial electrician.  Builders Electric can help with your maintenance needs. Schedule an electrical inspection for your business today!

Commercial ElectricianElectrical Wiring

Running all the cables and electrical wiring for a commercial building is a huge job. A commercial electrician must adhere to strict codes, keep all wires concealed, and keep every wire safe from getting damaged. There might be miles of wiring in an office or building that you would never see at a glance. A strategy can be created for any kind of building to place each wire set by a commercial electrical specialist.

Numerous power systems which power a commercial complex or building is ran below ground. A commercial electrician can easily tunnel all of the power lines safely and effectively. They are able to chart out a plan to where everything can be serviced quickly and be sure each line is routed properly.

Commercial electricians are taught to have the ability to handle very large jobs in a structured fashion. They have the ability to stick to all local codes of compliance and will complete the job correctly so everything is working properly each and every time. Get in touch for your electrical wiring needs.